Taipei Future Dwelling Competition (Shifting Ground)
T2T Studio (Wei Tseng) / 2012  / Project Manager + Co-Construct
Type / Art Installation, Educational Exhibition
Location / Taipei, Taiwan
Materials / recycle Styrofoam, Steel, Timber

It is destined to be discarded when it born.
This exhibition concept of “Shifting Ground”, reflections from [cost] to [value] of the spatial change of opinion. Think about the old platform and coexistence around the history and urban texture, again into the space of contemporary presuppose the prices, with “Square meter (s)” as the beginning of reflection and dialogue. Used to protect the product of ” Styrofoam box protection type”, designed to be discarded at the beginning. If we formulate as a 60 cm ╳ 120 cm Snow Box that occupies the space enough to the conversion of land for the market value of NT $ 110,000. Behind the question involved is based on market price manipulation system for space allocation. Styrofoam and planting, in this case, acts as a basic material, highlighting the current spatial asymmetry in cost and value, as well as turn the discarded material to beautiful public art structure.