Academic / THU / 2012
Advisor / Hao-Hsiu Chiu
Type/ parametric design、Environment Re-thinking
Program: Congregate Housing
Location: Taipei, Taiwan


Building unit & Self-correcting mechanism
We learn from nature, but more from experience. People build their own houses by experience, and be able to self-suitable space through a piece of bricks. Architecture in anarchy is a super huge laboratory. Everything could happen, but somehow Why we have chromosome? Cause we need differences. The truth is that we do not need de-differentiation.

Capitalism, a process of de-differentiation and homogenization. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, housing space has changed significantly. Because of the size of the urban boundary and the growth of population, efficiency became the first priority. Building towers have been duplicated, one by one, such as building units、plan、elevation…..etc. ”Western Standard of Living” changes everything. It destroying the local character organic, difference, flexibility, individuality.


Brazil Rio – the Brilliant slum
Rio de Janeiro is completely different with the general city. Its fragmentary without city center, most of the new buildings are irregular stretches and construct of long beach, and next to the high buildings are undulating hills, the hill with red brick walls and crammed small slum. The slum, dependent on the Hill, there are no official roads, the residents do not have a car, only locomotive transport instead of walking.Illegal construction of local residents, make the houses change position and angle which increase ventilation and lighting efficiency because of the sequence of construction. Like the gap between the houses, revolving structure, and improve the height of the building. The objective is providing the resident more comfortable interior spaces.