An object as a platform, which delivers the dialectic between two art students.

The object physically and metaphorically communicates two thoughts. These two thoughts intertwined through the movement of the swing. This experimental artwork is the agency of two students attempt to collaborate and the fantasies of a space.

The objective and subjective. From a first person’s perspective, the view from the swing zooms in and out, changing the entire world. But from the viewer’s perspective, movement is slight, lateral, back and forth pivoted at a single point. No real displacement takes place.

There is a secret place, you know where it is, and what it looks like, but you are unable to and have never been there. This place exists as an image in your mind. A beautiful and natural gar-
den as one of the universal secrets that exists in every student at the RCA.
Do you agree?

The object acts as an invitation for fantasies, imagination associated with the action of occupying negative space.

The Site
Unoccupied Negative Space. Out of Reach. Does occupying a space epitomise the experience that it affords? Or are some spaces only meant to be viewed and understood through its presence and adjacency, independent of inhabitation?

The Act
Through unconnected spaces, we navigate.
Observing. Measuring.
Securing, Fastening, Tying.

The Installation
An index of play – universal, non-specific to experiences had and to have.

The Viewer
From the perspective on the Swing, to the view from the Terrace, Library or Courtyard Gallery. Each point of view juxtaposes varying situations in which the installation is observed allowing a multiplicity of layered impressions that develop over time.

Our work is centred on the transformation of narrative structure to spatial structure with the intent to immerse the viewer in their own imaginative realm. Through its installation and as witness, we are complicit in excerising our desires projected in the space specific to the site yet to everyone that encounters it. The image as a provocation that questions its own existence. Our collective wishful thinking.


Place: Royal College of Art
Date: 2017
Collaborators: Tzen Chia
Photography: Chijen Wang
Type: Art installation