Chair & Stair
The absence of the author, the preconception of memory, and the objectivity.

Photography And Film
experiment-1(A chair and stair in the city)
How does the public react when an item is placed in a totally non-relevant environment when it is not mentally or physically relevant. When people see a “things” in unusual order of in our ordinary surroundings may generate a spontaneous connection of his/herself, meanwhile, the author of this object may be seen as an irrelevant requirement.

Date: November 11, 2016
Time: 11:28am — 05:27pm
Type: video record , time-lapse photography.
Object: A chair.
Material: metal tube, white paints.
Method: Distant shot. (proximate 9 to 30 meters.)
Scenes: Trafalgar Square, Royal Exchange, Saint Mary Woolnoth Church of England, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Scenario: Place a normal chair in public place,(square, stair, pathway, the forefront of a big door)
Instrument: DSLR Canon 5D mark 3, 16-35mm II F4, 24-105 F4.
Public reaction: taking photos of the chair(34 counts), hesitate then sit(9 counts), sit(28 counts), taking photos of the chair and people who sit on(12 counts).