Saving our planet and city is not an option, it the only way that human can live longer.

In response to new york city the desire to reduce 80% by 2050, my project is an alternative energy system that reveals and remapping the carbon credit in the city, and rebuild a relationship between building and people and nature.
Extensions are proposed to parasite the city of New York in three different scales, the system is not only a power station but also show the citizen how much power is this building or block can produce. The system creates a new green capital, as like those big company does, showing the flag and sign on every building. I believe the design can not only transform the city but also showing how rubbish does not need to be seen as negative. Furthermore, avoiding offsetting pollution to the global south (China, Brazil,…), and instead to process them in the public space in the city.

Parasitic Urbanism, Toward a digestion system.
ADS3: Financially Built Environments: The Architecture of Carbon Discredits
Tutors: Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe
Sponsored by foster + partners