Academic / THU / 2010
Advisor / Chia Fung Wu.
Type / Eco resort.
Program / Living unit, Aboriginal art gallery.
Location / Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

Fibre Village.
It an academic research. Beginning from a pattern that we can see everywhere, the [ Leaf Vein ]. And apply to an architecture issue.I was so fascinated by the curve of leaf vein, the typology, and the growing system. But somehow, there’s a little different between dicot and monocot which means efficiency. Dicot has the different types of the vein, that why the efficiency is better than monocot.

Typology and Energy Systems
From the beginning of species revolution, the most important thing is how to get energy, include: efficiency , Function , Connection , Generation …etc. And leaf makes the greatest contribution that because it surfaces connects to the sun. From Monocot to Dicot, the system of the vein has been changed. The amazing thing is double veins create Triple efficiency, that is why dicot occupied the planet.

Mechanism and Material
A straight line may be the shortest path from A to B, but it’s not always the most reliable or efficient way to go. In fact, depending on what’s traveling where, the best route may run in circles,
Operations researchers have long believed that the best distribution networks for many scenarios look like trees, with a succession of branches stemming from a central stalk and then branches from those branches and so on, to the desired destinations. But this kind of network is vulnerable: If it is severed at any place, the network is cut in two and cargo will fail to reach any point “downstream” of the break.
By contrast, in the leaves of most complex plants, evolution has devised a system to distribute water that is more supple in at least two key ways.
Plants are under constant attack from bugs, diseases, animals and the weather. If a leaf’s distribution network were tree-like and damaged, the part of the leaf downstream of the damage would starve for water and die.
In some of the Earth’s more ancient plants, such as the gingko, this is the case. But many younger, more sophisticated plants have evolved a vein system of interconnected loops that can reroute water around any damage, providing many paths to any given point, as in the lemon leaf . Operations researchers have appreciated that these redundancies are an effective hedge against damage.